Know your waste

(millions of tonnes) Waste Generated in 2016-2017
(millions of tonnes) Hazardous Waste in 2016-2017
(millions of tonnes) Metal Waste in 2016-2017


Statistics Source: National Waste Report 2018 for Department of Environment and Energy

My Waste

PF MEtals


With over 18 years’ experience, PF Metals is a resource recovery business. We have constantly evolved over the years to continue to offer sustainable services and consultancy for our customers to reduce waste to our landfill.

We offer to help you recycle your

  • E-Waste
  • Metals
  • Paper

We are proficient to provide you consultation for your

  • Hazardous liquids i.e. Petrol
  • Glass
  • Tyres

At PF Metals we proudly support you in whatever you need to recycle.

"The only thing you can't recycle is wasted time"

We provide solutions that generate value and manage the risk of multiple waste streams