The Victorian Government
 E-Waste Ban effective on
             1 July 2019


If you treat it right,
it will last forever

PF Metals helps you to Reduce The Impact of Waste in Our Environment

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PF MEtals

With over 18 years’ experience, PF Metals is a resource recovery business. We have constantly evolved over the years to continue to offer sustainable services and consultancy for our customers to reduce waste to our landfill.

We recycle metals from all industrial sectors focusing on the best recovery outcomes for each specific stream of material.

To ensure critical supply streams are well maintained we offer full logistics programs for material from data capture, secure destruction, container placement and road freight.

At PF Metals we proudly support you in whatever you need to recycle.

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We provide solutions that generate value and manage the risk of multiple waste streams

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"Recycle Today For A Better Tomorrow"

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